Equal Justice Under the Law

A foundational cornerstone to Marcus Hunter’s legal philosophy is there be equal justice for ALL under the law. No one is above or below the law. Justice should be fair, firm, but also impartial. To maintain the continued trust with the Court, there must be fairness in judgment. The first question should always be WHAT/WHY a person is before the Court, not WHO is the person.

Considering “who a person is,” opens the door to influences which may lead to bias and situations where people of different socioeconomic levels, races, or backgrounds do not receive equal justice under the law. There is no place in the law for such discrimination. Hunter’s judicial philosophy will be centered around fairness before the Court, compassion for the people, and impartiality in all situations. We know this because of his proven record of working tirelessly while a civil lawyer at Legal Services Of North Louisiana, a criminal defense lawyer for the Public Defender, and a a legislator in Baton Rouge.

Provide a Fair Hearing

Hunter believes it is fundamental to uphold the Constitution of the United States as well as local laws. When coming to Court, a person should know they will be treated fairly and their rights will be respected. As a practicing Attorney and State Representative, Hunter has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Among the many principles ensuring fundamental fairness in our courtrooms is the right to Due Process. This ensures every person has proper notice and a right to be heard.

Standing Up for the Community

Marcus has a history of fighting for the community and working to make it a better place for everyone. He has served the community through various nonprofits, civic and social engagement, and boards his entire life. His work as an Attorney and State Representative has centered around the belief we should always fight for what is best for the community, his district, and Louisiana as a whole. These beliefs are based on the values instilled in him as a child and those he and his wife teach their children. Those beliefs are to treat everyone fairly and with respect, lead by example, and to have a personal relationship with God.

In the Legislature, Hunter has fought to reform the criminal justice system in Louisiana. He was one of the members leading the charge for the most comprehensive reforms in state history. These reforms have to led to a decreased prison population, expansion of probation and other alternatives to prison, reevaluation of drug sentences, and reduction in habitual offender penalties. Hunter has spent his time in the legislature fighting for the community which has given so much support to him.

As Judge, he promises to continue the long held tradition of fighting for the people and giving a voice to all.